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Biblical Eldership: Mentor’s Guide

By Alexander Strauch

Biblical Eldership Mentor’s Guide is part of a comprehensive biblical program for training and equipping church elders. This guide is the leader’s edition and is designed for use with the text (Biblical Eldership) and the student’s book (Biblical Eldership Study Guide).

Biblical Eldership
Biblical Eldership Study Guide

Biblical Eldership Mentor’s Guide

Biblical Eldership Discussion Guide
Biblical Eldership Booklet

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“The lack of elder training is an extremely critical problem. We are not training the very men who lead and have oversight of our churches. We erroneously believe that our serving elders and deacons understand spiritual oversight and care, but in fact our churches are filled with elders and deacons who confess that they are unprepared and untrained for their work.” — Alexander Strauch

Biblical Eldership Mentor’s Guide, along with its companion works, Biblical Eldership and Biblical Eldership Study Guide, provide a comprehensive, biblical mentoring program to help train church elders.

The Mentor’s Guide is the leader’s edition of the Biblical Eldership Study Guide. It is designed for the mentoring elder only, not the trainee. Because elders are busy men, and many do not have the time or adequate resources to prepare for mentoring, this guide provides the mentoring elder with extensive answers to all the questions in the Study Guide, along with practical mentoring tips. Both guides are designed to be used alongside the Biblical Eldership text.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 x .5 inches
Author: Alexander Strauch
Cover: Paperback
Page count: 192

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