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GNN Radio Program Schedule

Click here for a print out of our program schedule.

Weekday Schedule

12:30AM: Talks for Growing Christians (David Reid)

4:00AM: Nightwatch with Alan Parks

5:00AM: Nightwatch with Alan Parks

6:00AM: Grace to You (John MacArthur)

6:25AM: Proverbs Reading

6:30AM: Talks for Growing Christians (David Reid)

6:45AM*: Scripture on Creation *(Fridays only)

7:00AM: Turning Point (David Jeremiah)

7:30AM: Powerpoint (Jack Graham)

8:00AM: Focus on the Family (Jim Daly)

8:30AM: FamilyLife Today (Dave & Ann Wilson)

9:00AM: In Touch (Charles Stanley)

9:30AM: Family Talk (James Dobson)

10:00AM: Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)

10:30AM: Music

11:30AM: Running to Win (Erwin Lutzer)

12:00PM: Know the Truth (Philip De Courcy)

12:25PM: Thru the Bible (J. Vernon McGee)

1:00PM: Emmaus Bible Study

2:00PM: Point of View (Kerby Anderson)

3:00PM: Point of View (Kerby Anderson)

4:00PM: GNN Drive Time

4:30PM*: Lawn & Garden Show *(Wednesdays only)

4:30PM*: Scripture on Creation *(Thursdays only)

5:00PM: Living on the Edge (Chip Ingram)

5:30PM: Truth for Life (Alistair Begg)

6:00PM: Faith & Finance (Rob West)

6:30PM: Know the Truth (Philip De Courcy)

7:00PM: Adventures in Odyssey

7:30PM: Focus on the Family (Jim Daly)

8:00PM: Bold Steps (Mark Jobe)

8:30PM: Talks for Growing Christians (David Reid)

9:00PM: Emmaus Bible Study

9:30PM: Moving Forward with Stephen Rummage

10:00PM: Grace to You (John MacArthur)

11:00PM: Nightwatch with Alan Parks

Saturday Schedule

8:00AM: Adventures in Odyssey

8:25AM: Reality Check

8:30AM: Radio Theatre with Focus on the Family 

9:00AM: Brinkman Adventures

9:30AM: Lamplighter Theatre

10:00AM: Open Line w/ Michael Rydelnik

11:00AM: Open Line w/ Michael Rydelnik

1:00PM: Digging for Truth

2:00PM: God’s Great Outdoors

2:30PM: First Person

3:00PM: Gospel Music

4:00PM: Gaither Homecoming Radio

5:00PM: Science, Scripture & Salvation

5:15PM: Scripture on Creation

6:00PM: The Land & The Book

8:00PM: Unshackled

9:00PM: The Public Square

Sunday Schedule

Tune in Sunday mornings to hear special music and short features that will encourage your heart in preparation for your Sunday Service.

11:00AM: Sunday Service (Repeated at 8:00PM)

3:00PM: Psalm 95 (National Christian Choir)

7:30PM: Turning Point Weekend (David Jeremiah)

8:00PM: Sunday Service

9:00PM: Radio Theatre with Focus on the Family

9:30PM: Bold Steps Weekend

11:30PM: Songs in the Night

SRN News: aired :55 most hours.

Music: aired when no program is scheduled