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School Ministries

School Ministries assists Christians across the country to start, sustain, and grow Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) programs, reaching one of the largest mission fields in America – the unchurched children in our public schools. 

School Ministries has a strategic plan to rapidly spread the gospel by growing to serve 250,000 new students per year by 2030.

What is Released Time

Released Time Bible Education provides Bible classes to elementary, middle, and high school students during the school day with private funding and by local affiliate programs. It is the only legal means of providing Christian education during the public school day, as long as instruction takes place off school grounds, is voluntary and with parental permission, and no state funds are used.  Students have opportunity to develop a relationship with Jesus and adult mentors. Teachers see a difference in their behavior and academic achievement as well.


There are significant benefits of Release Time with:

Public Education

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