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By Douglas Hewlett

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Perfect Person, Perfect Work

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The Lord Jesus Christ is the central person of the Bible. He is mentioned from the beginning to the end, and is at the center of all God’s purposes. Man can only be forgiven of his sins through faith in Christ; God saves man solely on the basis of Christ’s work on the cross. It is important, therefore, to understand the person and work of Jesus Christ. This course is designed to give you an overview of what the Bible teaches about this wonderful Person.


Lesson 1 – Jesus Christ: The Central Person in the Bible
Lesson 2 – Jesus Christ: His Deity
Lesson 3 – Jesus Christ: Fully God, Fully Human
Lesson 4 – A Remarkable Life (Part One)
Lesson 5 – A Remarkable Life (Part Two)
Lesson 6 – Jesus Suffered For Me
Lesson 7 – The Meaning of the Cross
Lesson 8 – The Fact of Jesus’ Resurrection
Lesson 9 – Jesus Lives Forever
Lesson 10 – Jesus Returns to Heaven
Lesson 11 – Jesus Christ: Lord of All
Lesson 12 – King of Kings—Forever

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