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2023 Christmas Programming

What’s Playing this Week:

Saturday | 12/02/23: 3-5pm, A Christmas Carol, Radio Theatre
Saturday | 12/02/23: 7-8pm, Buddy Greene Christmas Special
Sunday | 12/03/23: 4-5pm, The Twelve Voices of Christmas
Sunday | 12/03/23: 5-6pm, The Richest Family in Town, Majesty Music
Sunday | 12/03/23: 6-7pm, Unwrapping Christmas in the Old Testament, Moody

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NEW! Trail of Two Kings

Trail of Two Kings is a unique account of the events that shaped the destinies of a mortal king who did not know God and the King of kings who is God.

12/09/23: 3-4pm

The Promise of Christmas

Special Scriptural readings by Max McLean that will focus hearts on the birth of Jesus Christ.

11/26/23: 6:30-7pm
12/25/23: 2:30-3pm

NEW! Shoemaker Martin

Are you so distracted by the busyness of Christmas that you overlook the people right in front of you? Hear about one man who nearly missed the spirit of the season until some visitors arrive on Christmas Eve! Gather the family and hear the story of Shoemaker Martin.

11/25/23: 7-7:30pm
12/10/23: 4-4:30pm
12/25/23: 5-5:30pm

NEW! Christmas by Injunction

“Christmas by Injunction” is the comedic story about an unexpected act of holiday generosity in the Old West

11/25/23: 7:30-8pm
12/10/23: 4:30-5pm
12/25/23: 5:30-6pm

Adventures in Odyssey Marathon

Perfect activity for the whole family! Prepare for Christmas with many Adventures in Odyssey episodes designed to help your family understand Christmas in a new and meaningful way.

11/25/23: 2-5pm
12/17/23: 6-9pm

The Lesser Characters of Christmas

We know all about Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus. But what of the lesser characters of Christmas? There’s Elizabeth, the mother of John, and Elizabeth’s doubting husband, Zechariah. And what about Anna, the prophetess, and Simeon—both of whom were supernaturally appointed to meet the infant King at the temple? These less well-known names offer powerful life lessons. We’ll meet them up close in “The Lesser Characters of Christmas,” a documentary with provocative drama vignettes and interviews from Israel.

12/23/23: 3-4pm

Handel’s Messiah

Get into the holiday spirit with the renowned Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Chorus performing Handel’s glorious Messiah.

11/26/23: 4-6pm
12/25/23: 12-2pm

A Christmas Carol

Experience Charles Dickens’ beloved story of Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim, and the ghosts of Christmases past, present, and future in a 90-minute full-cast drama production.

12/02/23: 3-5pm
12/17/23: 4-6pm
12/25/23: 7-9pm

Buddy Greene Christmas Special

Beautiful playing and singing of Buddy Greene, with his very talented Nashville friends, to consider – in an engaging variety of sounds and style – the real Christmas story.

12/02/23: 7-8pm
12/23/23: 7-8pm

The 12 Voices of Christmas

Enjoy Back to the Bible’s presentation of The Twelve Voices of Christmas–a unique drama written by Woodrow Kroll. Zacharias and Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph, Simeon and Anna, the shepherds and the wise men, Herod and John – each had a voice in the Christmas story. As a result, each faced a crisis in his life, with a decision to make and consequences to bear.

12/03/23: 4-5pm
12/16/23: 3-4pm
12/25/23: 3-4pm

The Richest Family in Town

This touching story about a single mother raising three children in 1949 stands in stark contrast to the materialism surrounding many modern-day Christmas celebrations. Though the drama is fictional, it is based on actual people and circumstances from Frank Garlock’s childhood. He came from a poor family of nine children who sold their grandmother’s homemade fudge to help support the family. To reinforce the story, this program includes traditional Christmas songs as well as new compositions by Frank Garlock and Ron Hamilton. – Majesty Music

12/03/23: 5-6pm
12/25/23: 6-7pm

Candlelight Carols

The Music Department music ensembles, along with members of Moody’s Speech and Drama Corps create a compelling program sure to delight the whole family. Recorded at the historic Moody Church, the sounds of Candlelight Carols will inspire everyone to reflect upon the joys of the holidays through dramatic and musical expression.

12/10/2023, 5-6pm
12/24/2023, 4-6pm
12/25/2023, 9-11pm

Treasures of the Snow

Annette and Lucien are enemies. After Annette gets Lucien into trouble at school, he decides to get back at her by threatening the most precious thing in the world to her: her little brother, Dani. But tragedy strikes. Annette is so filled with rage that she sets out to alienate and humiliate Lucien at every turn. As Lucien seeks to repent and restore, light floods both of their dark hearts, and Christ proves that He makes all things new.

12/11-12/19/2023 (Mon.-Fri. & Mon.-Tue.),
4-5pm each day

Unwrapping Christmas in the Old Testament

For most of us, our vision of Christmas is limited exclusively to the gospel accounts. But Christmas is actually unwrapped in the Old Testament! We’ll do some great exploration with compelling guests in a journey that will take listeners to a fresh appreciation of the real story of Christmas.

12/03/2023, 6-7pm
12/25/2023, 11-12pm

The Hope of Hanukkah

To understand the origin of Hanukkah is to understand there is hope in Jesus Christ. In Moody Radio’s The Hope of Hanukkah, listeners are guided on a step-by-step odyssey filled with musical arrangements and relevant interviews concerning the pivotal events leading to the creation of this celebration.

12/09/2023, 7-8pm

A Marriage Carol

Adapted from the Moody Publishers book by Chris Fabry and Gary Chapman,
A Marriage Carol is a drama from Moody Radio. The story follows Marlee and Jacob, a couple on their way to sign divorce papers. But when a snowstorm spins their car across the ice, the collision that follows puts everything on hold.

12/16/2023, 7-8pm
12/25/2023, 4-5pm

Moody Radio’s Handel’s Messiah

This 54-minute special consists of a variety of selections from the Messiah, an oratorio by George Frideric Handel, which had been an annual presentation and performance by the Sacred Music Department of the Moody Bible Institute through 2017. Messiah celebrates the awesome power of God and the gift of his Son, encompassing both the lyrical art of music and God’s word. 

12/10/2023, 6-8pm

Christmas with the Classics

For hundreds of years, the story of the birth of Christ has inspired great composers to create some of their most beautiful pieces of music. Tune in to Christmas with the Classics to have the opportunity to sample a variety of compositions, covering four centuries. They range from simple settings of familiar carols to elaborate original works based on the Christmas story.

12/18 – 12/22/2023 (Mon.-Fri.), 11pm