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GNNradio Brings Ravi Zacharias to Augusta February 10, 2017

Apologist and Radio Speaker to be at West Acres Baptist Church in Evans, GA at 7:00PM

North Carolina "Bathroom Safety & Privacy Bill"

Business Opposition to HB 2 is "HRC-Orchestrated", Not Organic

60 Years Later - the 5 Missionary Martyrs

How their sacrificial deaths spurred a great missionary calling.

2015 Christmas Schedule

2015 GNNradio Christmas Schedule

2015 Christmas Schedule

Netanyahu Decries Iran Deal Before U.N.

"If Iran were working to destroy your countries, perhaps you would be less enthusiastic about this deal!"

Nurseries Caroliniana - Brothers Make Nursery Grow

Gerald & Ted Stephens have been gardening now for over 40 years....

The Lost Girls (of Nigeria)

Boko Harams horrific kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls is one part of a wider campaign to obliterate Christians.

IM  Nigeria Lost Girls | Featured

Christian Doctor Killed in Afghan Attack

A pediatrician from Chicago, others, gunned down by a policeman in Kabul.

Are young Americans really losing interest in church?

A new Barna Group study found eight out of 10 young Americans dont think church is important...

IM Teen with Bible | Featured

Has America's Form of Christianity Left the Church in 'Spiritually Dead' Condition?

A California pastor says he is concerned about the state of the church.

IM the american church | Featured

Healthcare Sharing...Practical Alternative to Healthcare?

Christians who use a sharing ministry to meet their health care costs.

IM Healthcare Sharing | Featured

Churches and Boy Scouts

Three New Carolina Churches Drop Boy Scouts

IM church leaving boy scouts | Featured

9/11 - A Sober Aniversary

Twelve years after 9/11, the enemy is the same in New York, Boston, Benghazi, or Damascus.

IM Jihadists Still Active | Featured

Labor Day "Labors of Love"

Five people who have found a way to serve others and earn a living through work they enjoy.

IM Labor Day Service of Love | Featured

ACTS - A Call to Serve by Adventures in Odyssey

You're invited to be part of something BIG!

IM Acts-A Call to Serve | Featured

Why Is the Pro-Life Message Winning and Traditional Marriage Losing?

Gains and Losses in These Areas Don't Add Up!

IM Pro-life victories | Featured

A 'Sad Day' for Scouting

The Boy Scouts of America pass a resolution to allow openly homosexual boys to participate in Scouting, forcing opponents to seek alternative programs for boys

IM Boy Scout Decision | Featured

Jack Graham and PowerPoint

7:30AM Daily Program starts on GNNradio April 1st.

im jack graham powerpoint2 | Featured

Resolved to Love and Serve

After 52 years ... Ed and Tina Green remain committed to one another.

IM Greens Marriage | Featured

What is Marriage?

...and what is not??

IM Marriage | Featured

40 Years ... and Millions of Lives

Roe v. Wade continues its grim business, but pro-life activity is saving lives, too

IM Roe Babies | Featured

The Backward Path Forward

In moments of terror and great sorrow, remember what the Lord has done.

IM Backward Path Forward | Featured

2012 Vote? Are you?

30,000,000 Christians are not registered or don't vote

IM Vote Counts | Featured

Debunking DNA "Junk" Ideas

Researchers are showing that the old Darwinian ideas about 'junk' DNA were simplistic.

IM DNA Image | Featured

C.S. Lewis - Creation and Evolution

A New Look at Lewis' Views on Science, Evolution.

IM CS Lewis | Featured

"Nye" Time for a Rebuttal

Nye's Comments on Parents Teaching Creationism Needed an Answer

IM Ken Ham2 | Featured

Athiests' Cross to Bear

Atheists Lawsuit is Back in the News.

IM Ground Zero Cross | Featured

After 62 Years, Sugar Boy Comes Home!

His flag-draped casket made the eight-hour flight from Honolulu

IM Sugar Boy Comes Home to Macon | Featured

Colorado Theater Shooting Shocks the Nation

Christians Point to the Reality of Evil!

IM Colorado Shooting | Featured

Aimee Copeland Leaves the Hospital

The early prognosis didn't expect her to survive at all!

IM Aimee Copeland Leaves Hospital | Featured

World War II Widow Finally Learns of Missing Husband

...a 60-year mystery finally solved.

IM WWII Widow Learns of Missing Husband | Featured

GNNradio Hosts 'Biblical Moments' Tom Taylor In Augusta

Taylor's "Biblical Moments" Heard on GNNradio for 25 years!

Tom Taylor Picture | Featured

Byte-sized Bibles

Special microchips are invaluable resources to Christians in hostile nations.

im Bible on devices | Featured

Reaching Albania with the Gospel

The Challenge of Taking the Gospel to a Former Atheist Stronghold.

IM G Sturm Albania Missions  | Featured

Studying God's Word - A Priority of the Early Church

Acts 2:42 details that the early church focused on "the apostles' doctrine".

IM the Bible | Featured

Holocaust Remembrance - Past History and Present Danger

04-19-12 - "Prime Minister Netanyahu Delivers Speech"

im Holocaust Remembrance | Featured

College Christian Groups...Led by Non-Christians?

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Pertinent Case.

im supreme court | Featured

The Bible in Public Schools?

Organization Offers Free Bible Curriculum to Public Schools.

IM KJV Picture small | Featured

What to do with Iran?

Iran's Nuclear Ambitions a Problem for Israel...and America.

IM Iran Nuclear Ambitions | Featured

Moms In Prayer

Our name has changed, but our ministry of prayer remains the same.

IM Moms in Prayer | Featured

Full of LIFE!

Once middle-aged or elderly, today's pro life supporters are characterized by youth.

IM Baby | Featured

A Christmas Quiz - Test your Knowledge!

How Much Do You REALLY Know About Christmas?

IM Christmas Quiz | Featured

Tim Tebow Does It Again...And Thanks Jesus!

QB Tebow's Broncos Win Their 6th Game in a Row.

IM Tim Tebow Kneeling | Featured

A Time for Choosing...Americans Weigh In on Federal Spending Cuts

Website Offers Americans a Chance to Weigh In on Where to Cut.

IM Worldmag Cleaver | Featured

"In God We Trust" Reaffirmed as National Motto

U.S. House of Representatives Concurs with U.S. Senate's 2006 Resolution

IM In God We Trust | Featured

Christians - Quit Worrying!!

It ruins good days and bad days, and puts faith in the wrong place.

IM Worrying-Worldmag | Featured

Help for Christian Parents in Choosing a College

Where can Christian parents find good information on college ratings?

IM College Info for Parents | Featured

Is It Important That Adam & Eve Are Real People?

Recent "scholars" question: real people or a story?

IM Adam and Eve | Featured

New Website Targets Identity Theft

9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year!

IM Identity theft | Featured

Fox Creek "Miracle" Teen

Fox Creek Football player CJ Williams Believes in Miracles

IM Fox Creek Miracle Teen | Featured

Preparing for a Hurricane

Now is the time to prepare, before a hurricane strikes!

im hurricane irene prep | Featured

Prayer Rally in Tennessee Affects Drug War

Scott County turns to prayer to fight drug problem.

IM Scott County Prayer against drugs | Featured

Medical Missions in Haiti

IM Medical Missions in Haiti | Featured

Important Missions Work to a Very Needy Area

50 Years of Reaching the Lost with Chick Tracts

Chick Tracts- Using | Featured

Chick Tracts have been used 50 years to reach the lost for Christ.

Charleston Ranked #2 Top City to Visit

IM Charleston Photo | Featured

Tourism is an $18 billion industry yearly in South Carolina

New GNNradio Saturday Kids Schedule

IM Children's Ministry | Featured

Great Saturday Kids Programming on GNNradio

Dead Sea Scrolls Show Accuracy of our Scriptures

Live viewing of Dead Sea Scroll fragment...

IM Dead Sea Scrolls small | Featured

Rare 1611 KJV Bible Makes an Appearance

IM KJV Picture small | Featured

The famous KVJ Bible Celebrates a Birthday...

Jesus didn't return on May 21. Now what?

im charlie dyer | Featured

The 5/21 Rapture Didn't Happen...Now What??

Israel's Independence Comes with a High Price

Clashes turn violent on Israel's birthday.

IM Israeli Soldiers | Featured

A New Look at the Empty Tomb

04-08-11 - "Nick Guy and the Empty Tomb Affair"

IM Empty Tomb | Featured

Larry Price - Released from "prison" while in prison!

03/25/11 - Larry Price stops by GNNradio and shares his testimony.

IM Larry Price | Featured

Eight Essentials of a Healthy Home

3-4-11 - We all want to have a peace filled home - here are the 8 essentials of a healthy home.

IM Dad & Kids | Featured

James Dobson talks about new program

Dobson & Barinowski picture | Featured

2/28/11 - James Dobson and GNN President Clarence Barinowski discuss "Family Talk with James Dobson".

Ginger Millermon's Inspiring Story of Her Son...and Her Trust in God

IM Ginger Millermon | Featured

Would YOU Trust God when You Can't Understand What He is Doing??

Ten Questions Every Husband Should Ask His Wife Annually

2-14-11 - Want to improve your marriage...are you asking your wife the right questions?

IM Indian Couple FL Today | Featured

Dobson Talks About "Why Men Leaving the Church...and How to Get Them Back"

IM Family Talk Man with Bible | Featured

2/10/11 - James Dobson Talks About "Why Men Leaving the Church...and How to Get Them Back"

Open Letter to President Obama from NRB

01/20/11 - National Religious Broadcasters Post Open Letter to President Obama...

Bill of Rights Image partial | Featured

Believing Bubba Watson...Master's Champ!

There is something different about Bubba Watson!!

IM Bubba Watson Master's Champ | Featured

"The Land and the Book" Debuts on GNNradio

The Land and the Book with Dr. Charlie Dyer debuts on GNNradio Saturday 3/26/11.

Save Jonathan Park Campaign

Jonathan Park, ministering to children of all ages about God's wonderful creation!

IM save jonathan park | Featured